HONR Network Status Update

HONR Network is committed to standing up in defense of victims and their families affected by incidences of mass violence.  With every tragic new incident, conspiracy theorists are renewed in their zeal to unleash torrents of abuse, harassment, defamation  and hate towards survivors and their families.  Some are driven by pure delusion that such incidences are staged hoaxes, while others simply for profit.  Whatever the reason, HONR Network is dedicated to taking necessary action, within legal parameters, to bring accountability to Abusive Hoaxers; whether social or legal.  The viciousness and cruelty visited upon those in trauma, pain, and grief by callous sociopaths cannot go unchallenged.  The legions of additional followers the slanderous rhetoric attracts to churn out even more recruits to the mass delusion, and subsequent harassment of innocents, must be abated.

HONR Network is currently undertaking the task of financially assisting Sandy Hook parent Leonard Pozner, who’s 6 year old son Noah was killed in his elementary school along with 19 of his classmates and 6 female educators, to civilly prosecute Wolfgang Halbig.

Lake County Clerk


As Mr. Pozner and his family grapple to deal with grief and moving on with life without Noah, Wolfgang Halbig spreads slanderous and defamatory propaganda against Mr. Pozner and his family, as well as that of the other Sandy Hook victims.  Mr. Halbig’s campaign of disinformation and hate speech has resulted in the escalation of harassment and death threats toward Mr. Pozner, and continues to recruit new foot soldiers to the Sandy Hook truth movement every day.  Recent history has demonstrated that some of these “truther” types are dangerous to society, and have committed a slough of crimes as a result of their mindset.

Moving into the near future, HONR Network hopes to assist in the civil prosecution of other Gun Truther and Hoaxer leaders who spread “hoaxer” propaganda, which convinces legions of weak minded conspiracy theorists that the Sandy Hook massacre was a government perpetrated hoax for the institution of gun control, and the victims and families of the Sandy Hook shooting are “crisis actors”.  American “free speech” laws impede the authorities from prosecuting the abusers, but “free speech” laws do not exempt such abusers from civil prosecution.

Civil litigation is a very costly endeavor, and requires ongoing infusions of funds to carry through to completion.  HONR Network needs the support of concerned, empathetic citizens who want to see such abusers punished for their actions.  Please consider donating to our cause, so we can be effective in our quest to combat the cruelty perpetrated against those who have lost loved ones to unspeakable tragedy.