Professor James Tracy Continues to Antagonize Lenny Pozner

Professor James Tracy presently continues to antagonize me, despite his legal tribulations with FAU surrounding his views on the validity of the Sandy Hook shooting and my son Noah’s death. In 2015, an article published about the Professor’s harassment of myself and my then wife prompted him to write a letter to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, accusing us of being frauds and collecting money on our son’s death, which he insisted was faked. The letter was published, which angered him.

Even as he testified before a judge Friday, December 1st, 2017, and claimed that “much of the letter he sent the Sun-Sentinel was written by one of the co-authors of the book [Nobody Died at Sandy Hook…]”, and that he “merely edited it and sent it to the newspaper’s editorial page”, his MemoryHole Blog site sits rife with hit pieces vilifying me to his thousands, if not tens of thousands of followers and supporters.

According to the article below, Professor Tracy in the courtroom “walked back” his former statements in the letter he sent to the Florida Sun-Sentinel back in 2015, where he proclaimed, “the Pozners, alas, are as phony as the drill itself and profiting handsomely from the fake death of their son.”

Standing before a court of law, he adjusts his position to portray himself in a more favorable light for the sole purpose of self preservation, yet he continues to advance defamatory rhetoric in his blog about me, my family, and my murdered child, inciting hate and malice that endangers me as well as those that I love and strive to protect.

The below piece is just one of many on his blog which demonizes me to his readers for taking down his defamatory hate speech through the hosting company which formerly hosted his blog:

Near the end of this post, Professor Tracy publicly displays the information sent to him through the DMCA notification from his hosting company, which disclosed my then physical living address. At one time, it also published my private phone number.

This appears to have been an attempt on his part to incite harassment and threats toward me by his followers, and he was successful. I have received a steady stream of harassment over the years since my son’s murder, but at least one person has been criminally prosecuted for harassment and uttering death threats on my phone.

Lucy Richards’ disturbing messages can be heard here:

In her statement to the court, Ms. Richards indirectly implicated Professor Tracy as a driver of her actions by way of his interactions with me and the subsequent posting of the story containing my phone number. She stated that a conspiracy site ran a story about Tracy’s firing and my interactions with him, and also listed my phone number, which prompted her to call me because she was angry over Professor Tracy’s firing. The court document which reflects her statements can be seen below:

Despite concrete proof that conspiratorial, defamatory rhetoric aimed at me personally results in stalking, harassment, and threats levied against me, Professor Tracy is allowed to continue posting his nonsense even after I filed an earlier grievance against him with the Boca Raton Police Department. Conversely, I was threatened with arrest for publishing a public document which exonerated me from claims made against me by another internet predator who filed a false police report against me. I merely posted that material in my own defense, and those claims were deemed unfounded after a police investigation. The ultimate hypocrisy is that I was ordered to take that benign document down, yet Professor Tracy isn’t ordered to take down the defamatory posts directed toward me, even though we both reside in the same jurisdiction.
I lose my 6-year-old child in a horrific school shooting, I am then stalked, harassed, slandered, threatened and tormented in addition to my grief and PTSD, yet I’m the one ordered to take down a factual post which is already publicly available, while hoaxers like Professor Tracy are allowed to post lies and incite hate toward murder victims’ families. Something is grossly inequitable here and needs to be addressed and righted! Human decency is long overdue.

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