Hoaxers in your family

Hoaxers in your family.

Throughout the journey dealing with “hoaxers” and the alternative media pushing false narratives and defamatory rhetoric designed to discredit real facts, it has become disturbingly obvious that this problem is not simply isolated in obscure online groups and chat rooms, but actually widespread throughout all walks of society, and spreading like a rampant disease.  HONR Network has received dozens of messages over the last 5 years from people voicing their distress after discovering that a family member or friend is indeed a “hoaxer”.

HONR Network believes that “hoaxers” should be exposed as such to their family, friends, neighbors, clients, employers and co-workers; and society in general.  Until this problem is exposed to sunlight, it will continue to propagate under the safe cover of darkness; indoctrinating more and more disciples to its malicious cult.  For this reason, we have created a list of identified “hoaxers”, which we welcome everyone to add to should you know a family member, friend, co-worker, etc., polluting your life with conspiracy garbage.  If they truly believe what they proffer, they should be HONR’d to be included here.

Hoaxers in your family.

The complete List of Hoaxers

 * The people listed above have demonstrated to someone a propensity to live in a state of paranoid delusion rather than embracing evidence-based “truth” which they proclaim to seek.

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