Help report these images to imgur as “Hoaxer DMCA Abuse”

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Hoaxers use imgur & imageshck to harass crime victims.

Please help report these images for ABUSE, cyber-bullying-harassment of crime victims.

Thank you to everyone who helped with reporting these images.  They have all been removed!



Please help report these images as – ABUSE, cyber-bullying-harassment of crime victims



2 thoughts on “Help report these images to imgur as “Hoaxer DMCA Abuse””

  1. Are people still Saying Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax or a false flag? Is Gene Rosin still getting harassed by bullies? I feel so bad for all the families that had their children shot and killed. How could anyone want to harass their famiLIES.I looked up everything I could about this shooting and can’t believe there is still people that just can’t leave it alone. How can we shut them up? Can we get a judge to put gag orders on them? Why don’t we file law suits against them and proof ones and for all what really happened. I feel bullied by this Sandy Hook thing. Could you help me file a law suit? We could get these lairs put in jail. I don’t think anyone telling the truth should be bullied for it. I’m so glad for people that stand up for the truth. Never give up your integrity. thank you for this honorable web page.


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