Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook dad fights lies about murdered son

Here is the reality that Lenny Pozner faces every day:

On a Friday morning four years ago, Lenny dropped off his son, Noah, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. It was three weeks after Noah’s sixth birthday, and he had just lost his first tooth. He was a little guy, bright and inquisitive, who loved books and started reading at an early age.

“He had this charm about him,” Pozner said. “He was handsome. He was incredibly loving.”

But that morning, on Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook and gunned down Noah, along with 19 other children and six staff members.

“I feel like I really only had a year or two with him where he wasn’t Noah the toddler or Noah the baby, but was Noah the person.”

While Lenny and his family must live with their loss of Noah every day, there is another story circulating the internet, and it often comes in the form of slanderous remarks and even death threats against the Pozner family:

Noah never existed. Pozner is an actor, paid to perpetuate a massive hoax staged by the government and the media to build support for gun control.

One man told Pozner he should “be put in boiling feces.”

Others have insisted that he and other Sandy Hook parents exhume the bodies of their children to prove they existed.

On Dec. 5, federal agents arrested Lucy Richards, 57, of Tampa, believing her to be the woman who has been leaving voicemails on Pozner’s phone, saying, “You gonna die, death is coming to you real soon,” and  “Look behind you, it is death.”

This is what fake news fuels, Pozner said.

“You’ll never be able to convince these people of anything,” Pozner said.

The internet, he said, is a great equalizer that gives an equal voice to a lie and the truth. When enough people believe the same lie, it spreads like a “thought virus.”

But Richards’ arrest shows there is a limit to what people can say, Pozner said.

“It shows that, yes, there is a threshold.”

Wednesday marked the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.

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