There seems to be an expanding ethos emerging in our digital community who, for a variety of reasons simply cannot and will not believe the multimedia reporting of many of the tragic acts and mass murders being committed all over the world. It wouldn’t be so bad if this strange new society stuck to simply voicing their opinions in a rational and peaceable manner. But sadly, this is not the case. In fact, whenever an act of violence attracts the attention of these self-styled Truthers they will latch onto such events, pick out any slight inconsistencies, and in effect, re-write their version of what happened. But what makes this community so disturbing; is they will latch onto the survivors, their families and just about anyone they can find who has a connection to the incident… And they will badger, harass and in extreme cases, track down those involved in order to cause them harm. The Truther Movement became more widely known in the wake of 9-11. But they have been associated with acts of violence including the Sandy Hook School shooting.    Where they have committed criminal acts in their pursuit of protecting their Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Terrifyingly, these Hoaxers are currently latching on to the wave of terrorist activity occurring worldwide. Their usual diatribe centering on the Government ‘Staging’ these events to direct attention away from political and legal tactics which will somehow detrimental to our Civil Rights. However, it’s the Terrorists themselves who are committing crimes in order to coerce in furtherance of political or social objectIves using criminal acts and violence.  Acts of terrorism are far from new, yet the reporting of such acts has entered a new phase; Instantaneous digital upload via Social Media.

The world wide webwww. enables us to connect and share many aspects of our lives with people all over the world! It has revolutionized the way we keep in contact with friends and loved ones. We find ourselves connecting to people all over the Globe! Learning about places we cannot visit, cultures and customs of civilizations which were previously only accessible through books and encyclopedias. Business and trade revolutionized by the completion of transactions at the mere push of a button!  But it has a dark side…

The eye opener for me was when my twelve-year-old daughter came to me concerned because a video had popped up on her YouTube feed claiming to contain the beheading of a person. I immediately took the tablet from her and quickly ascertained that reporter James Foley had indeed lost his life in such a barbaric manner. I was stunned. But almost immediately, another file popped up dissecting this video and claiming to prove it was faked! Since then this incident has been pulled to pieces by people claiming its falsehood, for instance, this article a common thread being: The creation of terrorist groups by governments hell-bent on control. Yet The Foley family? They’re not able to exist in a comfortable bubble believing their son will be returned to them uninjured someday. But not only has the link to the original video clip been shared and therefore cloned many hundreds of thousands of times, so have the clips made by Hoaxers intent on dissecting every second of footage attempting to prove its fakery. I’m not sure what would be worse for me; knowing that my son’s final moments are online for not only the world, but also for me to see, or that one second of false hope germinating in my broken heart that maybe, just maybe those Hoaxers are right.

The Paris attacks of November 2015?  several co-ordinated attacks which lead rise to False Flag event, allegations and social media flooded with so many images it’s impossible to tell which are faked and which are real. Yet the parents of one young woman, whose last moments were filmed from a nearby window as she texted ‘ I love you. I’m sorry.’ know full well just how real those attacks were.

And in Nice at Bastille Celebrations, a van is driven at full speed into revelers killing 84 people. YouTube is flooded with clips of the van attacking from several different angles making it all too real. Yet chillingly, instead of helping, a bystander takes their phone, films people in the road dying and uploads the footage. And still, others take that footage and claim it too is faked!, Graphically describing the dead and injured as shop dummies and farm animals!

The Boston Bombing, Brussels terror attacks, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida, Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, the London Knife/car attack {including French school children} and the latest London Attack involving a hire van and three knife-wielding attackers; All of these events have been recorded and the Proof uploaded to the internet, yet they are being denounced as Fake! False Flag Events! HOAX Operations! Completely contrived events designed to take away our Civil Rights, all staged to further political agenda and divert our attention from the real issues! Gun Control seems to be a common thread in the US, while Theresa May’s plans to put a cap on Social Care funding seems to be the presumptive cause of the latest attacks in the UK! In all honesty, I cannot personally see how anybody can think that way! What part of the brain, which Chemical or hormone, who in their right mind can possibly believe these things are all faked.

The only reason I can think of why such a body of people believing in such crazy fallacy is that they simply cannot stand to live in a World where such atrocities can happen. This would be the kind way of rationalizing such hysteria. Imagining the Truthers as a passive group of individuals whose minds cannot conceive of violence. Of intimidation. Or hate. But a quick trip into any truther forum will prove that these individuals are very capable of all three.

And as a result, the victims of these crimes are dehumanized. Literally written out of existence by the ones who shout the loudest. And the families of the victims are disallowed their right to grieve for the lost, the right to honor their loved one’s memories and at worst case, are told to their faces that their loved one never existed at all. And the Terrorists are left to plan and execute their next atrocity while attention is diverted from the horror and pain they created in the last. It’s literally the simplest form of counter-terrorism! Deny it ever happened, therefore it does not exist!

Terrorism is real! False Flag Propaganda is not! If you come across these clips on YouTube, Vimeo or any of the other video sharing sites, please, Block and Report the user immediately. Doing nothing is easy. We have to stop the spread of this propaganda. Only then will the victims and the victims’ families be allowed to grieve in peace.

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